The society is building an apartment complex for the IRS Officers. The approximate cost of the Project is Rs 70.00 Crores. In the GBM held in 2007, the then President of IRS Association Mr. Prem Verma, (IRS-73) promised to all the members in the presence of the then Hon’ble Chairman, CBDT that the IRS TOWERS will be a reality.

The Foundation Laying Ceremony was on March’ 2009. In between 3 Presidents and many Executive Members of the Housing Society were changed but Mr. D.S.Benupani, Secretary was associated with the project till now and sailed the project through to this stage.

The project got delayed mainly due to the disputes between CIDCO and the Ministry of Environment, GOI in the matter of New Mumbai International Airport Environmental Clearance and we suffered time loss because our location is just 2 Kms. away from the proposed new International Airport. As Secretary of the Housing Project, Mr. D.S.Benupani, have been tirelessly pursuing the matter with the Builder to expedite the project and remaining in touch with top CIDCO officers for clearing technical hitches and interacting with the Members about the Housing Project. It is noteworthy to mention the special contributions made by the following Members for the success of the IRS Housing Project;

  1. Prem Verma, IRS
  2. M.M.Daas, IRS
  3. V.S.Singh, IRS
  4. K.Venkataramani, IRS